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39th Regio Symposium

Mittelwihr (France) 9-11 September 2019

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The Regio Symposium

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A 40 years old scientific friendship in the upper-Rhine area

The REGIO symposium was created in the early 80’s and allows professors, lecturers, researchers and graduate students of the universities of Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Basel and Freiburg to meet annually in September. For almost 40 years now, a three-day Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry symposium is organized and allows the audience to attend several lectures from prestigious professors. Moreover, this meeting gives the opportunity to graduate students to share their knowledge and research experience through oral communications and poster sessions.

New in 2019 !!!

4 new slots of 30 min have been created for Young Principal Investigators from the upper-Rhine area, 3 from the Universities and 1 from the Chemical Industry. We are happy to welcome Dr. Wencel-Delord, Dr. Streuff, Dr. Tiefenbacher & Dr. Quancard.

Organizing Committee

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Nicolas Blanchard CNRS - Université de Strasbourg - UHA
Pr. Henning Jessen Universität Freiburg
Prs Christof Sparr & Olivier Baudoin Universität Basel

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Nicolas Blanchard CNRS - Unistra - UHA
Dr. Morgan Donnard CNRS - Unistra - UHA



team img

Pr. Tanja Gaich

Uni. Konstanz - Germany

team img

Pr. Cyril Bressy

Uni. Marseille - France

team img

Pr. Erick Carreira

ETH Zürich - Switzerland

team img

Pr. Andreas Pfaltz

Uni. Basel - Switzerland

Invited Lectures

team img

Dr. Joanna Wencel-Delord

CNRS - Uni. Strasbourg - France

team img

Dr. Jan Streuff

Uni. Freiburg - Germany

team img

Pr. Konrad Tiefenbacher

Uni. Basel - Switzerland

team img

Dr. Jean Quancard

Novartis - Basel - Switzerland



Academic participants        250 € 

Industrial participants          500€ 

FOR INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION, please to send back the dedicated form by email before June 1st 2019 to the following address: Dr. Nicolas Blanchard, n.blanchard[a]unistra.fr

To download the registration form PDF file click here    pdf

FOR ACADEMIC LABS, please group the registrations per University (or at least per PI): fill in the dedicated Excel registration sheet and return it via e-mail to n.blanchard[a]unistra.fr (before 1st June 2019).

To download the registration sheet XLS file click here    group

Posters / Oral Communications


The participants of the symposium are invited to present their research results on a poster (140 x 100 cm) and to send their abstract before July 1st 2019 to n.blanchard[a]unistra.fr. There will be no 3 min short presentations.

Oral Communications

The participants will have the opportunity to give a short lecture to present their research. There will be 12 short talks (format: 12 minutes research presentation, 3 minutes question & answers). A selection will be done based on the abstract, which must be sent before July 1st 2019 to n.blanchard[a]unistra.fr. Results will be announced before July 15th. A video projector will be used during this session. For a smooth organization, please send your final presentation as a PDF file before September 5th, 2019, to n.blanchard[a]unistra.fr.

To download the  template of the Poster/Oral Com abstract DOCX file click here  word



Centre de Mittelwihr

This year, the REGIO symposium will take place in Mittelwihr (F). This typical Alsacian town is located in the middle of the vineyard and is one of the route des vins d’Alsace key points. The symposium will be hosted at centre de Mittelwihr.


16, rue du Bouxhof
F-68630 Mittelwihr
Phone : +33 (0)3 89 47 93 09 - mail: cis-commercialisation@orange.fr